Scribbish Theme for WordPress

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ScribbishWP Theme

Packagethief (aka Jeffrey Allan Hardy) has created an awesome theme for Typo called Scribbish. As a WordPress user, I was extremely jealous because I have been unable to find a theme that comes anywhere close to the same simplicity and elegance. So with Jeff's permission, I created a WordPress version of the Scribbish theme which I've dubbed ScribbishWP.

ScribbishWP attempts to format posts according to the hAtom microformat specification. Note that all of your post content must be valid XHTML to produce hAtom-compliant output.

ScribbishWP has only been tested on WordPress 2.2. Your mileage may vary on other versions. I've also only tested it with the blog options that I use so there may be some areas that will not display properly with other options. In particular, the popup comment entry window has not been themed yet.

There are several style variations available in ScribbishWP:

  • Original-width or wide-width layout
  • Scribbish 2.0 or Scribbish 3.0 header styles
  • Right or left sidebar position

The defaults are original-width layout, right sidebar, and Scribbish 2.0 header styles because that is what I use on this blog. You can change the defaults by editing the style.css file. Just look for the commented sections.


Just unpack the archive into your WordPress wp-content/themes directory. You can then use the WordPress Administration interface to activate the ScribbishWP theme.


ScribbishWP is a work in progress. If you discover any bugs, display problems, or browser compatibility issues, please let me know. You can reach me at kenny [dot] pitt [at] gmail [dot] com.

Version History

ScribbishWP uses a two-part version number in the form x.x-y.y. The x.x part represents the version of ScribbishWP itself, and the y.y part represents the version of the original Scribbish theme on which it is based.


  • Support for WordPress 2.x configurable sidebar widgets. A new "Syndication" widget and a modified version of the "Meta" widget are included to allow you to configure your sidebar to match the default ScribbishWP sidebar.
  • Improved hAtom support based on Scribbish 3.0.
  • Support for displaying the comment count after the post title as seen on Quoted-Printable.
  • Dropped support for WordPress 1.5.

Download: scribbishwp-1.0-3.0.tar.gz (.zip)


Download: scribbishwp-0.1-2.0.tar.gz (.zip)